Here at Promeco we want to bring out the faces of our employees. At Promeco, everything is based on working together and every employee is important to us. In these presentations, we present the factors that have enabled the image of Promeco to be conveyed as a valued and flexible customer partner.

Minna Puumala, Designer / Quality Engineer

Name: Minna Puumala
Title: Designer / Quality Engineer
Superpower: A gust-like doing from start to finish
Education: Mechanical Engineering, Vaasa University of Applied Sciences
Duration of employment: 4 years
Motto: By a motivational whale: “It’ll be alright.”

What do others not know?
I am an active dog person in my spare time. I’m involved in a local association of retrievers. I enjoy there a wide variety of sports, such as obedience training, water rescue and hunting with my dogs (golden retrievers Vanni and Vilka). I also recharge my batteries by hiking on nearby paths with my dogs and sometimes also in Lapland.

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This choice proved to be right

Designer, quality manager, whatever it was. Sometimes titles change as responsibilities change, but it has never baffled this mechanical engineering engineer and designer Minna Puumala. When responsibility is granted, it is handled without unnecessary worries. Minna has experienced that doing things together is the best way to learn. 


Final growth takes place at work 

When Minna Puumala thought about her future profession, she pondered between a nurse and an engineer. In both professions, the role of a solver and a helper emerges. Those skills suit best for Minna. She would have gotten to both schools. The mechanical engineering side however won and took over. Minna nodded with satisfaction as she knew it was the right choice for her. 

Minna found her way to Promeco in a slightly surprising way. She happened to be in the right place at the right time. Minna was writing her thesis in a class where a 3D design course took place. The course teacher informed her students that Promeco was looking for designers. Boldly, Minna asked the teacher if she could be put on that list too, even though she wasn’t on the course. The teacher was happy to put Minna on the list and introduced the best potential candidates to Promeco. It was Minna who got chosen from the list.   

The work guides its author because the school does not teach everything that the job requires. For example, Minna did not receive much information about sheet metal production during her studies. The manufacturing is quite different from the rest. “I have been privileged, as I have been able to do a variety of different tasks both in design and production side. In this way, I can make the most of all that I have learned in my work, for example by anticipating potential production needs.” In addition, Minna clarifies: “When the work environment is encouraging and open, one learns through colleagues a lot of experiential knowledge that such a recent graduate may not have.”  


Promeco is a discussing workplace 

At Promeco, Minna handles the work of a design team leader and a quality engineer. She makes sure all team members know where to go and what happens next. No day is the same, and Minna enjoys it at work. Quality issues are at the heart of her work – developing different ways to ensure the quality of work in a sustainable way. In Minna’s opinion, the work could simply be described in the following way: If there are any problems, I will come to solve them.”

Minna wants to develop into a versatile expert in her work. She wants to better understand manufacturing as well as develop different manufacturing methods and techniques together with the team. The world is progressing fast, and needs are constantly emerging. With the help of tools, quality is put in place, and then there must be no fear of development. She has a good team at Promeco, where she can learn and develop all the time. It’s okay to bring up questions and doubts, they are discussed in a constructive way, and ideas are being listened. The main thing is that the workplace is development-friendly, and there is always an effort to take things forward as a team. 

If there are any problems, I will come to solve them.