Employee stories

At Promeco, we empower our employees to set their sights high and to blaze their own trails.

Mika Kalli’s Career at Promeco: From intern to Production Manager

Production Manager Mika Kalli’s story at Promeco is an inspiring example of how a summer job and internship can open doors to a successful career. Mika started his career at Promeco in 2013 as an intern, which he completed as part of his basic electrician qualification.

40 years at Promeco

Ralf Aalto is a real jack of all trades, currently working as an assembler at Promeco’s Vaasa facility. This fall, he was honored for his 40-year career at the company. His story is one of commitment, professional growth, and the importance of the work community.

From Electrical Technician to Mechanical Supervisor: Damian’s Inspiring Career Journey at Promeco

Meet Damian, an ambitious individual from our Strzebielino unit, who embarked on an extraordinary career path at Promeco. Damian’s journey from a technical secondary school graduate to becoming the Mechanical…

Olli Ahvenniemi started a degree in Production management alongside his work

Promeco encourages its employees to educate and develop themselves. Olli Ahvenniemi has plenty of plans for his career.  Olli Ahvenniemi works as a manager in the MD coupling department at…


Ville – From a summer employee to a Sales and Marketing Director

Name: Ville Ritakorpi  Title: Sales and Marketing Director  Education: Bachelor of Science in Technology  How long have you been working here: 13 years  Nickname: Viltsu  Motto: Focus on the essentials,…

Työntekijätarina Ditmitri

Dmitri – A welder enjoys an interesting job

Name: Dmitri Filin Job: Welding and assembly  Education: Primary school and unfinished vocational school  Duration of employment: Approximately 16 years  Nickname: Dima  Hobbies: Fishing  Superpower: I can solve sudden work…

Antti – A new task awaits as welding coordinator

Name: Antti KortesojaTitle: TraineeSuperpower: TranquilityEducation: Information and Communication Technology EngineerHow long have you been working here: Since 2006  Antti Kortesoja has worked at Promeco both as an installer and foreman.…

Työntekijätarinat Heidi

Heidi – A family business understands workers with a family

Name: Heidi Hakala Title: Quality and Safety Director  Education: Bachelor of Chemical engineering and Master of engineering in Technology competence management, with additional studies in Work and organizational psychology Duration…

Marcin Promeco

Marcin wanted to challenge himself professionally

Few years back, Marcin worked in a company where he dealt with accounting tickets and keeping statistics. The job was  tiring and Marcin felt that it did not develop him. When he started to consider changing jobs, he remembered Promeco, where his sister Magda already worked. He decided to apply for a job and got hired.

Maurice on the deck

Ship-related design and installation projects are Maurice’s thing

After graduation, Maurice wanted to seek more experience. He went to do flight structure design for Patria. With Patria, Maurice got used to working abroad. In Toulouse, for example, he was involved in designing and building landing wings for an Airbus 380 aircraft. Promeco grabbed this professional back in 2002. Maurice now works at Promeco as a design supervisor and handles various ship-related design and installation projects.


Joonas – When the profession feels like the right choice

Joonas Kujansuu is still looking at his Promeco career from the beginning of the journey. “I’ve worked at Promeco regularly for almost 5 years, but the first years I worked through a staffing platform.” Joonas thinks it was a good choice to work alongside his studies because like that he was able to do his internships simultaneously. Otherwise, he would have had to apply for them separately.

Weronika, Economic technician

Weronika – Live in such a way that no one cries because of you – live honestly

At first Weronika came to Promeco as an assembler’s helper. She learned quickly so she fast became an assembler. “I was already working independently, and when I returned to work in 2019, I was given the duties of an electrician. Now I am training to become a quality inspector.” Weronica is now very sure today that this is her place to work.

Juha Kamppikoski Switchgear Assembler

Juha – If possible, learn something new

The future is not always clear. That’s why you should always ponder what you want to do for living, what kinds of things interest you. This has been a good mantra for Juha “Kamppi” Kamppikoski, switchgear installer at Promeco. He has a 15-year career behind him, and the versatility of his work has been a richness.

Minna - Mechanical Engineering

Minna – Final growth takes place at work

When Minna Puumala thought about her future profession, she pondered between a nurse and an engineer. In both professions, the role of a solver and a helper emerges. Those skills suit best for Minna. She would have gotten to both schools. The mechanical engineering side however won and took over. Minna nodded with satisfaction as she knew it was the right choice for her.