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Family owned business

Big enough to meet your large-scale needs. Personal enough to truly sweat the details.

Continuing a proud legasy

Promeco is a Finnish, family owned business. The deep commitment of our owners and employees gives us long-term, competitive advantage. The original two Promeco units date back to the beginning of 1970s – and we still have several employees who have been working for us since the company’s founding. We are also proud of the second generation of owners and employees who are contributing to our continued success in serving customers worldwide.

Promeco family - A proud legacy


Promeco is mainly owned by its founders and their close family members: the Ojala family and the Aurejärvi family.

Promeco’s Board of Directors:

Jenni von Veh, chairman of the board
Adel Hattab
Riitta Palmén
Akseli Reho
Ted Roberts

A History of Keeping Promises

Promeco Group enterprise group consists of three companies: Promeco Oy, VM-Group Oy and Promeco SP. z o.o. Two of these date back to the 70’s. Promeco Group factories are in four locations in Finland and Poland.

Group Management

Sales Team