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Production Unit Pansia

Pansia’s production unit is divided in two production areas:

  • Special Electric Products (SEP) and
  • High Power Drives (HPD).

Electrical assembly SEP is specialized on low volume and high demanding assemblies. HPD is running a volume production. Scope is from engineering to commissioning, enabling customer to shop in one place saving time and resources. Pansia’s specialty is quality assurance where experience on FAT’s and classifications with marine societies is long and extensive.

Factory team includes engineering, project management, procurement and logistics to support manufacturing process. Close cooperation with Production unit Yrityspuisto factory enables compilation of electrics and mechanics under same production process.

Key facts

Location: Kankaanpää, Finland
Number of employees: 250
Surface area: 7000 m2

Core business:

  • Manufacturing of control systems
  • Switchboards
  • Motor control centers
  • Drive systems

Application: Marine, power and industrial use

What’s special: To reduce carbon footprint, we have a 54 kWp solar panel installation.


Pasi Vanhatalo

Mettälänkatu 91, P.O. Box 116
FI-38700 Kankaanpää, FINLAND
Tel: +358 207 595 200
Orders: order.pan (@)

Promeco: Production Unit Pansia

Production Unit Yrityspuisto

Yrityspuistos’s processes include laser cutting and punching, bending, machining and friction stir welding as well as robotic welding with machines. Manual processes consist of welding (MIG, TIG, spot welding) and assembly.

Lifting capacity is up to 4 tons, including 14 cranes. Friction stir welding is a special process that allows to join aluminum profiles together and thus save a lot of weight and reduce cost on cubicles for railway market, where weight saving is an essential value. On quality assurance, dimensions are verified with a 3D measuring tool. Hydraulic assemblies are leak tested with a gas detector.

Our standard material thickness ranges from 0,5 mm to 10 mm. Dominant raw material is aluminum, however, we also handle stainless steel and mild steel. In addition, copper products are manufactured for other factories.

Factory team includes engineering, project management, procurement and logistics to support manufacturing process. Close cooperation with Production unit Pansia enables compilation of electrics and mechanics under same production process.

Key facts

Location: Kankaanpää, Finland
Number of employees: 70
Surface area: 8500 m2

Core business:

  • Manufacturing of cubicles and housings for rolling stock
  • Aluminum structures and other sheet metal assemblies

Application: Railway, power and industrial use


Pasi Vanhatalo

Asemakatu 34
FI-38700 Kankaanpää, FINLAND
Tel: +358 207 595 200
Orders: order.ypu (@)

Promeco: Production Unit Yrityspuisto

Production unit Vaasa

Vaasa’s production unit is located in the largest energy technology hub in the Nordic countries. Local universities, energy technology companies and municipalities work intensively together on research, product development, innovation and education sector.

Vaasa’s modern sheet metal machinery produces solutions and mechanical assemblies for demanding industrial use.

Our skilled team offers effortlessness to the customer including the following services:

  • Experienced mechanical engineering
  • Automatized manufacturing
  • On-site installations.

We can take care of demanding electromechanical turnkey solutions by using the Promeco Group knowhow and our professional network.

Key facts

Location: Vaasa, Finland
Number of employees: around 55
Surface area: 5000 m2

Core business:

  • Insulation solutions and
  • Mechanical assemblies

Application: Marine, power and industrial use


Petri Koski

Petri Koski

(VM-Group Oy, VAT FI07851860)
Dynamotie 4 S, P.O. Box 227
FI-65320 Vaasa, FINLAND
Tel: +358 207 681 500
Orders: order.vaasa (@)

Promeco: Production Unit Pansia

Promeco Gościcino

Gościcino’s processes include bending, welding and assembly on mechanics. On sheet metal process focus is on stainless steel products varying from 0,5 to 10 mm thickness.

Electrical assembly is for low to medium series and projects. Mechanical assembly and machine building combine mechanical and electrical processes. As end result customer gets his product in turn-key package, ready for installation.

Factory team includes sales, engineering, project management, procurement and logistics to support manufacturing process.

Key facts

Location: Gościcino, Poland
Number of employees: 180
Surface area: 7 500 m2
Founded: 2007
Core business:

  • Manufacturing of automation systems
  • Starters
  • Motor control centers
  • Drive cabinets

Application: Marine, power and industrial use


Teemu Pienihäkkinen

(Promeco S.A., VAT PL5882214176)
ul.Klimka 10
PL-84-241 Gościcino, POLAND
Tel: +48 58 677 27 27
Orders: orders.pgp (@)

Promeco: Production Unit Gościcino


Promeco’s customers include some of the world’s leading companies in our sectors of expertise – and we’re proud that some of these customer relationships date back to the 70’s. As these flagship companies have grown, Promeco has grown along with them – and our commitment remains as strong as the day we started.

Whether it’s a new customer, or one who knows us quite well, each company we work with has the advantage of nearly four decades of experience and specialized know-how. At Promeco, our unrelenting focus is on serving each of our customers with leading-edge expertise. Our core commitment is to deliver products and services of consistent high quality and reliability – while maintaining open and responsive communication at all times. The seamless co-operation we maintain between our units supports our role as a highly efficient and flexible partner for each of our customers.

Currently, our focus is on further developing our international presence in order to better serve our customers wherever they operate.

While our continued success is strongly rooted in our decades of specialist expertise in specific sectors, we are actively seeking new opportunities and challenges that match our skills and knowledge.

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Safety, Environment and Quality

At Promeco, we firmly believe that our “no compromises” approach to safety, the environment and quality are at the core of who we are. Read more about our commitment to the highest standards regarding safety, quality and environmental issues here.


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