Promeco Poland participied 7th Sopot Logistics Workshops

The University of Gdańsk’s Faculty of Economics hosted the 7th Sopot Logistics Workshops on March 2023. More than 150 students from 16 different universities around Poland participated in the event. Most of the participants were enrolled in economics, transport and logistics courses.

We were honoured to be invited as one of the business representatives. During the first day, Promeco´s team including Julia Błaszczyk, Anna Janicka, Piotr Krzemiński, Maciej Rożentalski, Karina Ćwiklińska, and Łukasz Miotk conducted a workshop for students entitled “Contemporary logistics challenges from the perspective of a production enterprise“.

In the initial section, we provided an overview of our company’s activities and described the experience of working in a production company. Subsequently, we conducted three case studiesfor students, offering them the chance to explore prevalent logistical challenges and attempt to resolve them.

On the second day, a study visit was organized to our company for the students who had chosen Promeco. The students get a brief occupational health and safety training in order to ensure their safety while navigating the factory premises.

The visit commenced with a guided tour of our factory, led by Łukasz Franczuk, who showcased the production processes and provided insights into what and how we manufacture.

To conclude the visit, we discussed the nature of office work at Promeco, outlining the various departments within our organization and their respective roles. We elaborated on the processes following client orders, including how we prepare structures, procure goods, and ensure smooth transitions from the warehouse
to production.

We received direct feedback expressing appreciation for the professionalism and engaging nature of our presentations. The students found it highly interesting to witness the practical application of the theoretical knowledge they had acquired.

Our employees shared valuable insights into the work culture at Promeco, leaving a lasting impression on the visitors. The students were particularly intrigued by the company’s commitment to continuous development, which aligns with the demands of future logisticians.