Employee candidate data protection description

Register description for the recruitment database in accordance with data protection act (523/99) 10 §

1. Holder of register
Promeco Group Oy (FI21752500)
Mettälänkatu 91
FI-38700 Kankaanpää

2. Organisation in charge of data on register
Promeco Group Oy
E-mail: data.protection@promeco.fi

3. Data file name
Promeco Group Oy’s Recruitment database

4. Purpose of processing personal data
Data on the Recruitment database will be used in register holder’s own recruiting, processing of job applications and hiring employees.

The applicants agree to provide the register holder’s Recruitment database with their data. (Data Protection Act, 8§.).

5. Data source
Data is provided by applicant her/himself.

6. Data content of the register
Data processed onto the register is saved from the job application form. Details provided by the applicant about her/himself on the job application are recorded on the register.

The applicant’s identification data to be collected is:

  • first name
  • last name
  • nickname
  • applicants e-mail address
  • applicants phone number
  • applicant’s wish for the form of employment
  • date when the applicant can start the employment relationship
  • job that is applied for
  • preferred city of working
  • previous work experience in Promeco
  • Previous working history
  • photo
  • job application (attachment)
  • CV (attachment)
  • degrees and studies
  • other education
  • referees
  • salary request
  • where did you hear about the open position -question

7. Access to the register
The data given by the applicant is used and processed by the employees in Promeco Group Oy and its subsidiaries that are involved in the recruitment process and by authorized third parties assisting in the recruitment processes such as recruitment and IT service providers.

8. Data retention
An application will be kept on file for twelve (12) months from the date of application.

9. Statutory release of data, including transfer of data outside the EU or EEC
The recruitment database operates in the service provider’s external database, and recorded data is restricted to use solely by the register holder.

  • Promeco Group Oy has operations in Finland and Poland and therefore data can be processed in both countries.
  • Promeco Group Oy does not disclose the personal data of the job applicant outside the EU or EEC.

10. Principles of register security
The register holder’s employees using the Recruitment database are identified by their username and password and / or network authentication. Access rights are granted to employees of Promeco Group Oy who need the data in their recruitment tasks. Access may also be granted to employees of external service providers associated with the recruitment process.

The Recruitment data base service provider (Sympa Ltd) is responsible for privacy policy and technical protection of data recorded in the data base.

11. The right for data inspection
The registered applicant in the Recruitment database has the right to inspect his/her personal data in the database. The applicant will submit a written request with signature for data verification to the holder of the register (Promeco Group Oy).

12. Applicants right to demand correction of data
The registered applicant in the recruitment database has the right to request correction of the data in the register if the data is incorrect, imprecise, defective or outdated. The applicant will submit a written request with signature to the holder of the register (Promeco Group Oy). The register holder will correct the data without undue delay.

13. Additional information
Promeco Group Oy shall not be liable for any damages incurred by the applicant arising from the electronic data transfer of personal data (including errors, delays or failure in data transfer).

It is the applicant’s responsibility that the data provided does not contain false, inaccurate,  incomplete or misleading information.

Promeco Group Oy may, according to existing legislation and within the framework permitted by law, take steps to verify that the data given during the recruitment process is correct. The data can be verified from the applicant’s previous employer, educational institution and other actors.

14. Applicants approval
By accepting this Register description, the applicant confirms that the information he/she has provided does not contain incorrect, inaccurate, incomplete or misleading information. The applicant also agrees that Promeco Group Oy may, according to existing legislation and within the framework permitted by law, take steps to verify the data the applicant has provided during the recruitment process. Data can be verified from the applicant’s previous employer, school, and other actors.