March 11, 2024 Promeco Group Oy

Technological Leadership and Responsibility: Promeco at the Forefront of the Industry

Leveraging technology and investing in it has always been central to Promeco’s business operations, with Lauri Kaminen closely observing this development. His career path at Promeco has taken him from a Buyer to a Production Manager and finally to his current position as Chief Technology Officer. He has focused on developing systems, processes, and production technology, advancing the company’s technological environment extensively in collaboration with the rest of the organization.

Kaminen began his role as a CTO just over a year ago. In addition to planning and implementing various technology projects, he coordinates development work between different production units. Kaminen supports Promeco’s production units in planning and implementing modern manufacturing devices, such as fibre lasers, machine vision solutions, and robotics.

“Upon starting as a CTO, we mapped out Promeco’s current state of technology and cybersecurity with the ICT team and key system personnel. It gave us a comprehensive picture of where we excel and what areas we can still develop. We continuously identify new development targets based on feedback from the organization and by monitoring the development of different technologies, and we implement development projects methodically according to our technology roadmap,” Kaminen explains.

Last year, Promeco made significant progress in modernising its systems. We launched a CRM project to improve sales tools and invested in harmonizing product data management. We also continued to invest in production technology and carefully explored the potential of artificial intelligence.

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Streamlining Business Operations

Artificial intelligence accelerates processes in many ways, such as through generative AI, machine vision, and predictive analytics. “Generative AI is already familiar to many, and we at Promeco are currently promoting the usage of Microsoft Copilot. It aims to speed up the creation and processing of documents and improve their quality, thereby freeing up resources for development and innovation. The experiences gained have been very positive,” Kaminen states.

Promeco will also use AI in data processing and reporting. “We have been using Microsoft’s Power BI tool since 2016, and now we are planning to implement its AI features,” he adds. A modern and centralized data warehouse helps meet growing reporting needs.

As machine vision evolves, its use will increase, especially in production technology and knowledge work processes. Kaminen believes these technologies significantly enhance the company’s efficiency and competitiveness, “Promeco has been using machine vision in various applications for some years, but new technologies facilitate and speed up its use. We will increase the use of machine vision in production to verify the quality of physical items and in knowledge work processes.”

More Efficient Systems, Tightening Requirements

In 2024, Promeco will continue to invest methodically in technology development. “We are strongly focusing on system investments and development. We have launched a significant project focused on production planning and optimization. We are also implementing a mobile inventory management system that will significantly free up time for production and logistics workers,” Kaminen highlights.

Global technological development enables more efficient business processes and raises the bar for risk management. The NIS2 directive and the growth of cyber threats are examples of external requirements that Promeco addresses. The goal for 2024 is to meet the requirements of the ISO 27001 standard, strengthening our information security and ability to meet growing customer and legislative demands.

Kaminen also emphasizes the development of ESG responsibility reporting by the CSRD directive, “Sustainability is inherently part of Promeco’s values. We continuously develop our operations and ensure that Promeco acts responsibly at all levels. We want to be pioneers in responsibility in our industry, which is also reflected in the requirements for systems and information management, especially as the demands for sustainability reporting grow.”

These measures are moving Promeco toward a more intelligent and integrated operating environment where modern information systems and artificial intelligence play a pivotal role. Technology and innovation improve our competitiveness and enable us to act responsibly, laying the foundations for sustainable growth and success.