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Electrical manufacturing in the marine and offshore

Safety is number one for Promeco. Electrical solutions for the marine and offshore industries always start from the site’s classification society, that the owner and the shipyard have decided. Each site must take into account the specific characteristics of that particular site in terms of security issues. The requirements and regulations vary depending on whether it is a passenger ship, a cargo ship or, for example, a fishing vessel.

We build electrical solutions around the site’s electrical network in accordance with the customer’s wishes and specifications. We always provide the customer with a solution that suits the needs and functions of the item in question.

Electrical manufacturing what We supply to marine and offshore industries with for example:
  • Low voltage systems
  • Low voltage main switchboards (maximum size 8500 amps)
  • Distribution centers
  • Electrical cabinets
  • Separate starters
  • Motor control centers


Mechanical solutions for the marine and offshore industries are often related to frame elements and, for example, the insulation of the engine environment. In the mechanical construction of the industry, we utilize 1 – 15 mm sheet metal, the material of which is either aluminum, stainless steel or structural steel. These materials are well suited for modern shipbuilding due to their lightness and durability. In electrical solutions copper is also used.

Our state-of-the-art tools can machine any structure from sheet metal to the tough demands of the marine and offshore industry. We are able to handle large pieces, about four meters long, in our production halls. Thanks to this, we can also build larger elements for the ships, for example.

Mechanical constructions what We supply to marine and offshore industries with for example:
  • Protection, insulation and supports for engine environments
  • Emission control equipment
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic machinery


In addition to Promeco’s own mechanical and electrical manufacturing, we provide our customers in the marine and offshore industries with customized total solutions, in which we utilize our global subcontracting network. If, for example, the engine room of a large cruise ship needs to be insulated for safety reasons, we will be able to implement modern fire protection that meets the safety regulations of that ship. We dismantle the old one and install a new one to replace it.

When our own experts are already involved in the audit phase of the project, the manufacturability of the product is guaranteed from the very beginning. We think about the optimal implementation, scan the space with a modern 3D scanner, manufacture the mechanical and electrical parts related to the product and assemble the finished solution into a ready-to-install unit. If necessary, we also take care of the installation and testing, in which case the customer only needs to press the start button.


In larger offshore and offshore projects, different services often have to be procured from several different companies, which puts a strain on project teams. Promeco facilitates the implementation of projects by providing everything related to electrical and mechanical manufacturing from a single door. This brings considerable cost-effectiveness to companies and guarantees consistent quality.

Our high level of quality and long experience in marine and offshore industry projects guarantees the implementation of even the most demanding projects. Still, our size range is such that we can also be flexible. The operations of larger players are often rigid and cannot be adapted to the customer’s project needs. In Promeco’s family business, everything starts with the customer’s needs and requirements. We have built trust in many demanding clients over the years and succeeded in doing so.

We are here to help our clients implement their projects in the marine and offshore industry in a cost-effective and high-quality manner.