At Promeco, we empower our employees to set their sights high and to blaze their own trails.
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Every team member matters

Promeco employees are customer-oriented and innovative. They are dedicated to creating cost-saving and practical solutions for each of our customers. Teamwork and success go hand in hand, and we understand that it is the contributions and talents of each team member that ensure our continued success as a respected and agile supplier and partner.

As an international industrial business, Promeco is well positioned to share talent and ideas across borders, enriching the local knowledge base and providing personal and career development opportunities for employees with the drive to try something new.

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Meet our professionals

At Promeco, we are proud of both the expertise and the diversity of our professionals. The Promeco stories shared here showcase both these qualities. We take special pride in telling how many Promeco workers advance their career – by growing with us.

The whole world is my workplace

Name: Antero
Educational degree: Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering
Job title: Global Site Engineer
Time with Promeco: Two and a half years

I began my career at Promeco in 2014 as an assembly mechanic at our Jämijärvi, Finland facility. I next briefly worked as a test engineer in Vaasa, Finland for a few weeks, but was soon offered the position of Assembly Engineer, working on Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) projects – mainly assembling and installing a range of Promeco products and systems all around the world.

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Meet our pros Tolvanen

From trade school intern to international expert

Name: Sini
Educational degree: Bachelor of Automation Engineer
Job title: Planner
Time with Promeco: 12 years

I first heard about Promeco while I was studying to become an export assembler at Finland’s Satakunta Trade School in 2004. I had courses there in electricity as well as machine and metal technology, and Promeco offered a number of good internship possibilities in both. I was selected as an intern at their Pansia factory in Kankaanpää, Finland, and my training there emphasized the electric side.

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Meet our pros Hakkio

From father to son – a tradition of professional dedication

Name: Timo and Petri
Educational degree: Primary School/Vocational School in Electrics
Job title: -/ Technical Inspector
Time with Promeco: 30 years/~25 years

Timo (the father)
I started at Promeco in 1986, back when it was called Metallityö OY. Then, there were only 23 employees plus the owners. Now we have over 350 people working here, so it’s pretty clear that a lot of good things have happened during my journey with Promeco.

Petri (the son)
The first time I visited the Promeco factory was with my dad, when I was only 12 or 13 years old. I remember helping make metal lifting bar shoes even right at the beginning, plus other small chores with my dad, such as cleaning the yard and picking up trash. Pretty soon, I was even assisting with some assembly and wiring of electrical cabinets.

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Meet our pros Keirikka