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Promeco Poland participied 7th Sopot Logistics Workshops

The University of Gdańsk’s Faculty of Economics hosted the 7th Sopot Logistics Workshops on March 2023. More than 150 students from 16 different universities around Poland participated in the event.…

November 17, 2022 News, Promeco Group Oy

Promeco’s supply chain operates responsibly

Promeco wants to be a forerunner when it comes to sustainability. For us, sustainability is an essential value in itself, but our customers and authorities also set their requirements for…

IRIS sertifikaatti
November 2, 2022 Promeco Group Oy

Promeco has been granted the IRIS certificate

The intenational railway industry’s IRIS certificate of ISO/TS 22163 has now been granted to Promeco. Promeco is the eighth company operating in Finland to have the certificate. Promeco’s processes and…

October 27, 2022 Promeco Group Oy

Promeco opened a new factory in Poland

Promeco has introduced new production facilities for mechanical installations in Strzebielino, Poland. The new 1100 square meter factory allows doubling the throughput of the mechanical assembly. Electrical assembly still takes…

Employee stories

Olli Ahvenniemi started a degree in Production management alongside his work

Promeco encourages its employees to educate and develop themselves. Olli Ahvenniemi has plenty of plans for his career.  Olli Ahvenniemi works as a manager in the MD coupling department at…


Ville – From a summer employee to a Sales and Marketing Director

Name: Ville Ritakorpi  Title: Sales and Marketing Director  Education: Bachelor of Science in Technology  How long have you been working here: 13 years  Nickname: Viltsu  Motto: Focus on the essentials,…

Työntekijätarina Ditmitri

Dmitri – A welder enjoys an interesting job

Name: Dmitri Filin Job: Welding and assembly  Education: Primary school and unfinished vocational school  Duration of employment: Approximately 16 years  Nickname: Dima  Hobbies: Fishing  Superpower: I can solve sudden work…

Antti – A new task awaits as welding coordinator

Name: Antti KortesojaTitle: TraineeSuperpower: TranquilityEducation: Information and Communication Technology EngineerHow long have you been working here: Since 2006  Antti Kortesoja has worked at Promeco both as an installer and foreman.…